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Creating Static Sites in Rust with Vincent Prouillet

Posted Thu, 19 Dec 2019 23:00:00 +0000Discussion on RedditEpisode Transcript

Vincent Prouillet talks about his experience building the Zola static site generator (formerly known as Gutenberg) and reflects on five years of working with Rust.

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  • [@00:59] - What’s a static site generator?
  • [@03:52] - How easy is it to build and edit a site?
  • [@07:58] - Why create a new static site generator?
  • [@12:35] - The Tera template engine and Vincent’s experience building it
  • [@17:53] - Creating filters and tests to use with Tera
  • [@24:29] - What’s a taxonomy?
  • [@25:48] - Mapping content to URLs
  • [@30:53] - The experience of being an open source maintainer
  • [@33:57] - Rust crates and features used by Zola
  • [@36:57] - How the Rust ecosystem ensured fast performance
  • [@40:35] - Is Rust ready for web applications?
  • [@43:25] - What applications are best suited to Rust now?
  • [@46:50] - Issues or things you wish existed in Rust?
  • [@51:08] - Helping out with Zola

References and Resources

Vincent Prouillet


Tools/Crates used by Zola

Static Site Hosts

Crates for Web Applications

Compiled Template Engines

Runtime Template Engines

Static Site Generators


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