The Rustacean Station Podcast

A community project for creating podcast content for the Rust programming language. Come journey with us into the weird, wonderful, and wily world of Rust. If you would like to offer Rust-related podcast content for us to host, or would like advice and resources on making your own Rust podcast, get in touch with us!

What's New in Rust 1.41

Jon and Ben examine the features of Rust 1.41.

RustFest Interviews Triple Feature: Rust Release Engineering; Developing the Developer Tools; Rust in Latin America

Another trio of interviews from RustFest 2019: Pietro Albini on Crater and the Rust Infrastructure Team; Pascal Hertleif on the Rust Developer Tools Team; and Santiago Pastorino on the Rust Latam conference in Latin America.

RustFest Interviews Triple Feature: Rust for AAA Game Development; Async Foundations with `async-std`; and Powerful Concurrency Primitives with `crossbeam`

Three more interviews from RustFest 2019: Jake Shadle on using Rust for high-performance game engines at Embark, applying lessons learned from working on EA DICE’s Frostbite engine; Yoshua Wuyts on async-std and Rust’s async ecosystem; and Stjepan Glavina on crossbeam, Rust’s foundational library for powerful concurrency primitives.

What's New in Rust 1.40

Jon and Ben review the changes introduced in Rust 1.40.

Double Feature: Jan-Erik Rediger on RustFest & Lucio Franco on the Tonic gRPC framework

Two more interviews from RustFest 2019, first with lead RustFest organizer Jan-Erik Rediger and second with Tokio contributor Lucio Franco on the Tower gRPC framework.

Compile-Time Evaluation, Interpreted Rust, and UB Sanitizing: Talking to Oliver Scherer about Miri

In the first of our mini-interviews from RustFest 2019, we talk to Oliver Scherer about Miri, an interpreter for rustc’s internal bytecode, its use in const-evaluation, and its potential as an external tool for sanitizing unsafe code.

Creating Static Sites in Rust with Vincent Prouillet

Vincent Prouillet talks about his experience building the Zola static site generator (formerly known as Gutenberg) and reflects on five years of working with Rust.

What's New in Rust 1.39

Jon and Ben review the long-awaited changes in Rust 1.39.

What's new in Rust 1.38

Jon and Ben review the changes introduced by the Rust 1.38 release.

Rust in Production: An Interview with Armin Ronacher

Armin Ronacher talks about getting into Rust, when to use it, writing Rust extensions for Python, building the Symbolicator web application with actix, creating debugging libraries, and the Rust ecosystem.

What's New in Rust 1.37

We review the new features in the Rust 1.37 release and give shout-outs to all the volunteers who have helped make Rustacean Station so far.

Organizing Colorado Gold Rust: An interview with conference founder J Haigh

We interview J Haigh about their experience organizing this year’s first-ever Colorado Gold Rust conference, what brought them to Rust, and what inspired them to give back to Rust’s community.

Ruma and the Matrix Communication Protocol: An Interview with Jimmy Cuadra

We interview Jimmy Cuadra about Matrix, an open and decentralized communication protocol, and his implementation in Rust known as Ruma.

Announcing Rustacean Station and Rust 1.36

Meet Rustacean Station, a new Rust “meta podcast”, and take a dive into the new 1.36.0 Rust release with Ben and Jon.