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Compile-Time Evaluation, Interpreted Rust, and UB Sanitizing: Talking to Oliver Scherer about Miri

Posted Mon, 23 Dec 2019 18:00:00 +0000Discussion on RedditEpisode Transcript

In the first of our mini-interviews from RustFest 2019, we talk to Oliver Scherer about Miri, an interpreter for rustc’s internal bytecode, its use in const-evaluation, and its potential as an external tool for sanitizing unsafe code.

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Timestamps & referenced resources

  • [@01:15] - What is const-evaluation and what can you do with it?
  • [@03:23] - What is Miri and how long has it been in development?
  • [@07:05] - What does the future hold for Miri?
  • [@07:54] - How long have you been working on rustc and Miri?
  • [@12:22] - How much of Miri does rustc use today?
  • [@13:33] - How does Miri help people detect undefined behavior in unsafe code?
  • [@16:46] - How would a user begin using Miri directly to test their unsafe code?
  • [@19:15] - What happens if you try to const-evaluate unsafe code?
  • [@20:33] - What’s next for const-evaluation in rustc?
  • [@21:58] - Who else is helping to develop Miri?


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