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RustFest Interviews Triple Feature: Rust for AAA Game Development; Async Foundations with `async-std`; and Powerful Concurrency Primitives with `crossbeam`

Posted Wed, 22 Jan 2020 23:30:00 +0000Discussion on RedditEpisode Transcript

Three more interviews from RustFest 2019: Jake Shadle on using Rust for high-performance game engines at Embark, applying lessons learned from working on EA DICE’s Frostbite engine; Yoshua Wuyts on async-std and Rust’s async ecosystem; and Stjepan Glavina on crossbeam, Rust’s foundational library for powerful concurrency primitives.

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Timestamps & referenced resources

[@00:00] Part 1: Game Development @ Embark Studios w/ Jake Shadle

  • [@01:25] - What is yours (and Embark’s) background in game development?
  • [@02:14] - What is the relevance of the Frostbite engine and what is your experience with it?
  • [@04:15] - What makes you think that Rust as a language is suitable for game development?
  • [@06:13] - How is parallelism employed in a game engine on the scale of Frostbite?
  • [@07:07] - Where is the Rust library ecosystem lacking for your use case, and what crates are you making use of?
  • [@11:13] - Why is Embark interested in WebAssembly?
  • [@14:20] - How can someone get in touch or learn more about Embark?

[@15:09] Part 2: async-std w/ Yoshua Wuyts

  • [@15:48] - How much of the Rust standard library is async-std intended to emulate?
  • [@17:12] - Is there anything from async-std that ought to be upstreamed into the standard library?
  • [@19:20] - Does async-std run into any conflicts with the types or traits defined in futures-rs or the standard library?
  • [@22:21] - How complete or incomplete is Rust’s async ecosystem and async language support?
  • [@26:21] - How close is async-std to being a drop-in replacement for the standard library?
  • [@28:32] - What’s next for the development of async-std?
  • [@30:07] - With the advent of async-std version 1.0, what would an eventual 2.0 release look like?
  • [@32:09] - Who is using async-std?
  • [@32:54] - How can someone get in touch or get involved?

[@34:02] Part 3: crossbeam w/ Stjepan Glavina

  • [@34:29] - What is crossbeam and what is its history?
  • [@36:41] - What is epoch-based garbage collection, and why would a Rust user want to use it?
  • [@38:17] - How does epoch-based garbage collection compare to std::sync::Arc?
  • [@41:30] - What is your background in concurrent programming?
  • [@42:59] - How do crossbeam’s channels compare to those in the standard library?
  • [@44:33] - How much research was involved in writing crossbeam?
  • [@45:35] - Do crossbeam’s channels provide a selection interface?
  • [@46:34] - What other primitives does crossbeam provide?
  • [@48:37] - How confident are you in the correctness of crossbeam’s implementation?
  • [@49:46] - How is crossbeam related to rayon and async-std?
  • [@51:53] - What’s next for crossbeam?


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