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RustFest Interviews Triple Feature: Rust Release Engineering; Developing the Developer Tools; Rust in Latin America

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Another trio of interviews from RustFest 2019: Pietro Albini on Crater and the Rust Infrastructure Team; Pascal Hertleif on the Rust Developer Tools Team; and Santiago Pastorino on the Rust Latam conference in Latin America.

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Timestamps & referenced resources

[@00:00] Part 1: Crater & Rust Release Infrastructure w/ Pietro Albini

  • [@01:01] - What is your role in the Rust project?
  • [@01:46] - What lessons did the infrastructure team learn from the Rust 2018 release?
  • [@03:29] - How do you feel about potential future Rust editions in 2021 or beyond?
  • [@06:26] - Do you think Rust’s regular release cycle too fast or too slow?
  • [@08:56] - How does Crater guard against language regressions, and what things doesn’t it catch?
  • [@11:12] - How has Crater scaled as the ecosystem has grown, and is it at risk of becoming infeasible to run?
  • [@16:17] - How can someone get involved with the Infrastructure Team?

[@17:25] Part 2: Developer Tools w/ Pascal Hertleif

  • [@18:23] - What is the Developer Tools Team?
  • [@19:39] - What tools is the Developer Tools Team responsible for, and what purposes do they serve?
  • [@24:46] - Which tools in particular would you like to draw attention to?
  • [@26:19] - How does rust-analyzer compare to RLS?
  • [@29:42] - How does the Developer Tools Team coordinate?
  • [@32:00] - How was your experience at RustFest this year?

[@36:21] Part 3: Rust Latam w/ Santiago Pastorino

  • [@36:46] - What is Rust Latam?
  • [@37:42] - What inspired you to start a Rust conference in Latin America?
  • [@39:06] - How big is Rust Latam?
  • [@40:15] - What is interest in Rust like in Latin America?
  • [@42:42] - What is the broader software industry like in Latin America?
  • [@44:59] - What’s next for Rust Latam?
  • [@45:42] - How did you get into Rust?
  • [@50:17] - What venues are there for Spanish or Portuguese-speaking Rust users?
  • [@51:34] - How can someone learn more about Rust Latam?


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