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RustFest 2019 Interview Series: Burnout in Open Source Software; The Rust Roadmap

Posted Tue, 04 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0000

Two more long-awaited interviews from RustFest 2019: Katharina Fey on the phenomenon of burnout in software and in open source communities and Florian Gilcher on Rust’s annual roadmaps.

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Timestamps & referenced resources

[@00:50] Part 1: Burnout w/ Katharina Fey

  • [@01:54] - How common is burnout in software?
  • [@03:24] - How does burnout manifest in volunteer endeavors like open source software?
  • [@08:10] - How does rotation of responsibilities alleviate burnout?
  • [@13:41] - What communities succeed at combating burnout?
  • [@16:44] - Final thoughts on burnout and governance

[@19:50] Part 2: The Rust Roadmap w/ Florian Gilcher


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