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WebAssembly on the Server with Krustlet

Posted Tue, 22 Sep 2020 00:50:00 +0000 Episode Transcript

Taylor Thomas explains how Krustlet runs WebAssembly modules in Kubernetes and why it’s a promising option for the future of server side applications.

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  • [@00:55] - Kubernetes
  • [@07:37] - WebAssembly
  • [@12:06] - WebAssembly Runtimes and WASI Specification
  • [@15:42] - WebAssembly vs Containers vs Native Binaries
  • [@25:11] - Krustlet and the case for writing it in Rust
  • [@30:52] - Missing APIs in WASI
  • [@33:38] - Wascc vs Wasmtime runtimes
  • [@38:15] - Rust ecosystem for Kubernetes and WebAssembly
  • [@40:23] - Comparing other languages to Rust
  • [@45:09] - Rust learning curve, experiences as a beginner
  • [@53:16] - Next steps for Krustlet and WebAssembly

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