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zbus with Zeeshan Ali

Posted Sun, 30 Jan 2022 22:40:00 +0000

Allen Wyma talks with Zeeshan Ali, creator of zbus. zbus is a Rust library used for interprocess communication using D-Bus.

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  • [@0:51] - Zeeshan’s Bio and zbus
  • [@7:16] - D-Bus at the high level
  • [@14:43] - Knowing when to use D-Bus or message queue
  • [@19:28] - Authentication methods when going non-local
  • [@20:16] - Is it possible to use D-Bus on Kubernetes?
  • [@22:00] - D-Bus is able to support multiple async runtimes
  • [@28:18] - Difference between Tokio and async-std
  • [@32:30] - Async Foundations working group
  • [@40:06] - Is it expensive to run async runtime?
  • [@41:37] - zbus macros and their Matrix channel
  • [@44:00] - IPC (Inter-Process Communication)

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