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Game Development with Rust and WebAssembly with Eric Smith

Posted Fri, 29 Apr 2022 15:30:00 +0000

Allen Wyma talks with Eric Smith, author of Game Development with Rust and WebAssembly. Game Development with Rust and WebAssembly teaches you how to make games for the web, using Rust and WebAssembly.

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  • [@0:59] - Eric’s introduction
  • [@3:26] - Eric’s experience using Rust vs other programming languages
  • [@9:20] - What makes Rust appealing?
  • [@11:32] - Why Rust is becoming a good language for game development.
  • [@13:47] - Comparison of different game engines
  • [@19:48] - Insights on Rust game development
  • [@26:06] - Eric talks about his book — Game Development with Rust and WebAssembly
  • [@29:17] - WebAssembly versus other platforms
  • [@41:29] - Eric’s writing process
  • [@43:24] - Is Rust web ready?
  • [@50:19] - Parting thoughts and where to check out Eric’s book

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