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Rust Safety with Quentin Ochem and Florian Gilcher

Posted Sun, 08 May 2022 16:55:00 +0000

Allen Wyma talks with Quentin Ochem, Lead of Product Management and Business Development at AdaCore and Florian Gilcher, Managing Director at Ferrous Systems. Rust use in safety-critical industries is becoming more and more desired from users. Allen, Quentin, and Florian discuss the recent partnership between AdaCore and Ferrous Systems.

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  • [@1:46] - What is Ferrocene?
  • [@6:08] - Why does Ferrocene need to exist?
  • [@10:18] - How can Ferrocene help industries that require high-quality security?
  • [@16:14] - Why AdaCore decided to support Rust.
  • [@21:25] - Does Ada use a VM?
  • [@24:06] - What brought Quentin & Florian together to work on Rust?
  • [@30:52] - What are the changes that came along with AdaCore and Ferrous Systems’ partnership?
  • [@40:46] - How in demand is AdaCore and Ferrous System with their customers in different industries?
  • [@47:01] - AdaCore and Ferrous System’s quality management
  • [@49:35] - Quentin & Florian’s parting thoughts.


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