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Cargo Limit with Alexander Lopatin

Posted Fri, 17 Mar 2023 15:37:00 +0000

Allen Wyma talks with Alexander Lopatin, creator of Cargo Limit, a cargo plugin that will show errors in your Rust code before any warnings.

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  • [@0:00] - Alexander’s programming background
  • [@3:17] - What made Alexander interested in the Rust
  • [@4:43] - What is Cargo Limit?
  • [@9:19] - Cargo Limit’s features
  • [@11:20] - Improvements that Alexander wants to make in Cargo Limit
  • [@12:52] - Cargo extensions and installation
  • [@13:31] - Alexander’s process for creating Cargo extensions and plugins
  • [@16:00] - Using Neovim and integrating with Rust Analyzer
  • [@18:57] - Upcoming upgrades and features of Cargo Limit
  • [@24:46] - How to get in touch with Alexander and learn more
  • [@25:28] - Parting thoughts


Intro Theme: Aerocity

Audio Editing: Plangora

Hosting Infrastructure: Jon Gjengset

Show Notes: Plangora

Hosts: Allen Wyma