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Fyrox with Dmitry Stepanov

Posted Fri, 02 Sep 2022 15:45:00 +0000

Allen Wyma talks with Dmitry Stepanov, creator of Fyrox. Fyrox is a feature-rich, general purpose game engine built in Rust.

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  • [@0:41] - Dmitry’s background and programming introduction
  • [@4:12] - How did Dmitry got into building game engines
  • [@7:39] - How Dmitry discovered Rust
  • [@8:57] - Dmitry’s experience so far using Rust
  • [@12:13] - When did Dmitry start working on Fyrox
  • [@15:03] - What’s the original idea of Fyrox
  • [@16:23] - The advantage of Fyrox over other game engines
  • [@22:05] - Is Fyrox production ready?
  • [@23:17] - Games and projects that are now using Fyrox
  • [@25:58] - Things need to know before using Fyrox game engine
  • [@30:21] - Fyrox’s monetization plan
  • [@31:33] - Dmitry’s upcoming features and plans for Fyrox

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