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Rust Nation with Ernest Kissiedu

Posted Fri, 13 Jan 2023 16:35:00 +0000

Allen Wyma talks with Ernest Kissiedu, organizer of Rust Nation, a Rust-focused conference geared towards Rust beginners and the Rust-curious.

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  • [@0:00] - Introduction
  • [@3:21] - Rust Nation’s purpose and goal
  • [@5:14] - Ernest’s background and being the community lead of Rust London Community
  • [@13:29] - Rust communities all around the world
  • [@16:14] - Possible guests and speakers at the Rust conference.
  • [@22:39] - Why you should attend the Rust conference regardless of how experienced you are with Rust
  • [@26:44] - Choosing and narrowing down the list of speakers for the conference
  • [@31:55] - How the Rust conference will be different from other conferences
  • [@35:29] - How to join the Rust London Community Meetup group
  • [@42:20] - Get 15% off on Rust conference ticket price use promo code RUSTACEAN-STATION
  • [@50:31] - How to reach out to Ernest
  • [@51:27] - Parting thoughts


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Hosts: Allen Wyma