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Veloren with Forest Anderson

Posted Fri, 07 Oct 2022 02:00:00 +0000

Allen Wyma talks with Forest Anderson, co-host at Rust GameDev Podcast, and core dev on Veloren. Allen and Forest talk about Veloren, a multiplayer voxel RPG game engine, written in Rust.

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  • [@00:11] - Introduction
  • [@03:31] - The Rust Game Dev Team
  • [@07:31] - The size of the community for Rust game development
  • [@10:48] - The complexity of game development
  • [@12:43] - How Veloren was created
  • [@18:30] - What is Veloren
  • [@22:52] - The kinds of games that can be developed in Veloren
  • [@25:36] - The advantage of using Rust in game development
  • [@31:51] - Game development experience in Linux vs Windows
  • [@34:46] - Gaming community for Linux
  • [@37:40] - System Requirement for running Veloren
  • [@42:17] - Parting thoughts
  • [@43:54] - Where to reach out and how to get involved with Veloren and in the Rust Game Dev community


Intro Theme: Aerocity

Audio Editing: Plangora

Hosting Infrastructure: Jon Gjengset

Show Notes: Plangora

Hosts: Allen Wyma