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Asciinema with Marcin Kulik

Posted Wed, 31 Jan 2024 07:57:00 +0000

Allen Wyma talks with Marcin Kulik about his work on asciinema, a service that allows people to record their terminal windows to share with others, that has the custom asciinema player written in Rust.

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  • [@00:00] - Introduction
  • [@01:56] - Overview of Asciinema: A suite of tools for recording, replaying, and sharing terminal sessions
  • [@09:11] - More about Marcin Kulik, the creator of Asciinema, and his background
  • [@10:08] - Inspiration behind the creation of Asciinema
  • [@18:52] - Marcin’s journey into Rust
  • [@23:15] - Balancing paid development and consulting services for Asciinema
  • [@24:36] - Progress on the Rust rewrite
  • [@28:37] - AGG (Asciinema GIF generator)
  • [@34:44] - Maintaining multiple languages and the role of Rust
  • [@40:17] - Future plans for Asciinema and potential features
  • [@47:23] - Closing discussion


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Hosts: Allen Wyma