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Rust at Microsoft with Nell Shamrell-Harrington

Posted Fri, 09 Sep 2022 08:10:00 +0000

Allen Wyma talks with Nell Shamrell-Harrington, Member Board of Directors at Rust Foundation and Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft about Microsoft’s use of Rust, her time being involved with Rust, and also the Rust RFC process..

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  • [@1:30] - Nell’s Background and Introduction
  • [@5:31] - Rust communities all over the world
  • [@7:10] - Handling opinions, feedback and RFCs when making changes and updating a language
  • [@11:23] - What is a RFC and how does it work?
  • [@17:43] - Nell’s experience switching from Ruby to Rust
  • [@19:56] - Nell’s career background
  • [@24:18] - How the Rust Foundation operates
  • [@24:20] - Rust Foundation’s sponsorship model
  • [@33:08] - What Microsoft is currently working on with Rust
  • [@42:22] - How much Rust is going into Windows
  • [@44:25] - Is there a public long-term plan for Microsoft’s involvement with Rust?
  • [@48:02] - Parting thoughts


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Hosts: Allen Wyma