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Kraken's migration to Rust microservices, with Rob Ede

Posted Thu, 19 Oct 2023 16:57:00 +0000

Rob Ede, lead maintainer of Actix Web, explains to Marco Otte-Witte how (and why) Kraken chose to migrate their microservices to Rust.

They also discuss Rust’s web development ecosystem at large, with a particular focus on Actix Web: Rob shares his view on how improvements in the language and framework space will eventually lead to a future where web development in Rust can be as approachable as web development in Javascript.

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Timestamps & referenced resources

  • [@00:00] - Introduction
  • [@00:36] - Start of the interview
  • [@01:26] - What is Actix Web?
  • [@06:34] - Kraken’s migration from Java to Rust
  • [@10:09] - Benefits of Rust adoption at Kraken
  • [@12:48] - Rust vs Java
  • [@15:42] - Future improvements for Actix Web
  • [@21:15] - Do Rust users become contributors?
  • [@24:08] - The future of Rust and Actix Web
  • [@30:46] - Recommendations for adopting Rust
  • [@31:37] - Conclusion


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