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Write Powerful Rust Macros with Sam Van Overmeire

Posted Fri, 21 Jun 2024 07:08:00 +0000

Allen Wyma talks with Sam Van Overmeire about Write Powerful Rust Macros, a book about writing macros within your Rust apps. Manning discount code: podrustacean24

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  • [@00:00] - Meet Sam Van Overmeire, developer & cloud consultant, author of Write Powerful Rust Macros
  • [@09:00] - Why he chose to write about macros and the process of writing the book
  • [@13:19] - Types of macros and book content
  • [@19:38] - Macro security and more details about the book
  • [@27:56] - Most interesting macros
  • [@30:32] - When to write a macro and when not to
  • [@36:59] - Manning Publishing and other Rust books
  • [@41:51] - Closing discussion


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Hosts: Allen Wyma