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Exploring Rust's impact on efficiency and cost-savings, with Stefan Baumgartner

Posted Wed, 06 Dec 2023 21:15:00 +0000

Stefan Baumgartner, Senior Product Architect at Dynatrace, discusses with Marco Otte-Witte how Rust enables developers to write performant and reliable software that’s efficient at a level that leads to substantial cost savings.

Stefan shares his firsthand experience with Rust, highlighting the ecosystem’s ability when it comes to delivering functioning prototypes quickly. He also discusses the importance of understanding memory management and low-level concepts in programming and how teaching Rust empowers developers to write efficient and reliable software.

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Timestamps & referenced resources

  • [@00:00] - Introduction
  • [@00:34] - Start of the interview
  • [@02:06] - Pitching Rust and criteria for adoption
  • [@03:35] - What is Dynatrace
  • [@06:15] - Stability with Rust
  • [@09:59] - Benefits of Rust
  • [@13:45] - Learning and teaching Rust
  • [@19:21] - Comparing Rust’s teachability to other languages
  • [@24:39] - The role of the compiler in Rust programming
  • [@26:17] - Stefan’s approach to teaching Rust
  • [@29:50] - Onboarding at Dynatrace
  • [@34:14] - Performance versus stability
  • [@37:12] - Rust’s highlights
  • [@39:41] - Conclusion


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