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Unlocking Rust's power through mentorship and knowledge spreading, with Tim McNamara

Posted Sun, 28 Jan 2024 08:12:00 +0000

Tim McNamara, author of Rust in Action and founder at Accelerant, sits down with Marco Otte-Witte.

Tim discusses how Rust, despite common perceptions, is relatively easy to learn and how the compiler empowers engineers to avoid common mistakes. The conversation also emphasizes Rust’s growing adoption in companies, its role in addressing long-term maintainability challenges, and its potential to significantly reduce software energy consumption, while highlighting the importance of mentorship to ensure successful integration across organizations.

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Timestamps & referenced resources

  • [@00:00] - Introduction
  • [@00:34] - Start of the interview
  • [@01:27] - Tim’s role at AWS
  • [@03:57] - Tim’s reasons for learning Rust
  • [@04:57] - Rust in Action
  • [@06:59] - How hard is it to learn Rust?
  • [@13:49] - Reasons companies are holding back from adopting Rust
  • [@23:51] - Rust’s type system and maintainability
  • [@36:30] - Dependencies in Rust
  • [@41:01] - Energy savings with Rust
  • [@48:09] - Tim’s approach to pitching Rust
  • [@54:21] - Overcoming concerns around Rust adoption
  • [@55:36] - Recruitment strategy for Rust
  • [@57:13] - Knowledge spreading
  • [@01:02:41] - Conclusion


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