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This Week in Rust - Issue 444

Posted Wed, 08 Jun 2022 00:50:30 +0000

Highlights from This Week in Rust - Issue 444. This week features a juicy post-mortem, open source, open hardware, and lots of news from around the Rust ecosystem.

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Timestamps & referenced resources

[@00:00] Welcome

  • [@00:10] - Introduction

  • [@00:50] - Agenda

  • [@01:23] - Quote of the week

    This is the difference in approaches of the two languages. In C++ if the code is vulnerable, the blame is on the programmer. In Rust if the code is vulnerable, Rust considers it a failure of the language, and takes responsibility to stop even “bad” programmers from writing vulnerable code. I can’t stress enough how awesome it is that I can be a careless fool, and still write perfectly robust highly multi-threaded code that never crashes.

    • [@03:09] Allen: Rust is both good and bad at marketing
  • [@03:30] - Crate of the week

[@05:10] Official Notices

  • [@05:22] - Announcing Rust 1.61.0
    • Custom exit codes from main
      • [Note from Tim: I say “termination crate”, but should have said “Termination trait”.]
    • More capabilities for const fn
      • “Basic” handling of fn pointers
      • Add trait bounds to a const fn
      • dyn trait and impl Trait support
    • Stdio handles can be locked directly
    • Several stabilized APIs

[@08:07] Highlights

Other items

  • [@57:20] Meetups
  • [@57:31] Major release announcements
    • DataFusion 8.0
    • IntelliJ Rust plugin 2022.1
  • [@57:40] Join us in the #this-week-in-rust channel of the Rustacean Station Discord server


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Hosts: Tim McNamara, Sean Chen, and Allen Wyma.