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Asynchronous Rust with Tyler Mandry

Posted Mon, 18 Jul 2022 07:10:00 +0000

Allen Wyma talks with Tyler Mandry, lead on Rust Async Working Group. Rust Async Working Group is focused around implementation/design of the “foundations” for Async I/O.

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  • [@0:10] - Async Working Group introduction
  • [@3:08] - Async progress over the past few years
  • [@5:16] - The Fuchsia operating system and its goals
  • [@6:19] - How much of Fushia is written in Rust?
  • [@8:16] - The experience of using Rust in Fuchsia so far
  • [@17:29] - Why are async runtimes not compatible with each other, and how might it be solved?
  • [@23:06] - How does the working group handle feedback?
  • [@25:33] - What’s the most important issue the working group is working on?
  • [@32:45] - Different types of async runtimes
  • [@34:36] - Turning synchronous into async
  • [@39:36] - How did Tyler go from async C++ to async Rust?
  • [@47:14] - Tyler’s code and documentation writing
  • [@54:21] - Where to connect with Tyler

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