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Launching RustRover: JetBrains' Investment in Rust

Posted Thu, 04 Apr 2024 07:00:00 +0000

Vitaly Bragilevsky, Developer Advocate at JetBrains and author of Haskell in depth, sits down with Luca Palmieri.

Vitaly explains what led JetBrains to launch a Rust-specific product, RustRover. He covers, in particular, why it is a good time to invest further in Rust, touching as well on the state of the Rust ecosystem. Luca and Vitaly also touch on the status quo of Rust developer tooling, including debuggers, profilers (or the lack thereof!), and framework-specific extensions.

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Timestamps & referenced resources

  • [@00:00] - Introduction
  • [@01:07] - Becoming a Developer Advocate for Rust at JetBrains
  • [@04:34] - Vitaly’s transition from Haskell to Rust
  • [@08:13] - Introducing JetBrains’ RustRover
  • [@18:56] - Usage and status quo of Rust developer tooling
  • [@25:12] - Vitaly’s outlook on Rust’s future
  • [@31:47] - New use cases for Rust adoption
  • [@35:07] - Compiler and IDE suggestions
  • [@38:08] - JetBrains’ role and future as a Rust tooling provider
  • [@39:59] - Reasoning behind Rust’s increasing popularity
  • [@46:18] - Conclusion


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