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This Week in Rust - Issue 445

Posted Thu, 16 Jun 2022 15:00:59 +0000

Highlights from This Week in Rust - Issue 445, presented by Tim and Allen. Themes for the discussion include getting work as a Rust developer, creating a specification for Rust, and the health of the community.

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Timestamps & referenced resources

[@00:00] Welcome

  • [@00:10] - Introduction
  • [@01:49] - Agenda
  • [@02:44] - Quote of the week

    Rust is a perfect language for a dad like me, who every day puts kids to sleep, and tired after long day of work and chores, can sit down and possibly write some code for the hobby open source project, even when he’s already just half awake. And it usually just works, tend to be robust and make the day feel extra productive.

  • [@04:14] - Crate of the week

[@07:26] Official Notices

[@14:20] Highlights

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Show Notes: Tim McNamara

Hosts: Tim McNamara and Allen Wyma.